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The future of affiliate marketing

Join the power of your back-office with the genius of your sales affiliates for an unstoppable combination


Empowerment Made Simple

Leverage your sales force with fully integrated solutions especially for them

Modern Design

Clean, crisp, modern
e-commerce experience

Template Driven

You control the templates that Affiliates choose for their sites

Unique Pages

Affiliates can customize their personal page a little, or a lot


You set the boundaries so Affiliates stay within your compliance policies


Share everything with confidence

Custom Carts

Affiliates can Pre-build and share carts for a personalized touch


Unparalleled video sharing with shopping integrated seamlessly into the video experience

And More!

Plus many other exciting features to take your business to the next level...

Key Vendoti Features You
Won't Want to Miss

Video Library

Corporate and key leaders upload video content to a library so everyone has access to the best content

Controlled Flexibility

You control the extent of the customizable content through locks and the asset library

Custom Product Presentation

Affiliates select the products they want to feature on their site directly from the company product catalog 

Curated Content

Affiliates personalize their site by selecting content, products, and  video from the content library


Let's get in touch.

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We'll reach out to you as soon as possible!

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