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Live Video Product Display

Live video has proven to be an excellent way to interact and sell to potential customers. Show off products during the live video to engage the audience
& influence them to purchase.

Personalized Interaction

Interact with customers on a personal basis in a private or public event. 
Vendoti provides the best of both worlds—with Face to Face interaction level while being able to reach a large number of people at one time.

Live Product Insight

During the live video customers can dig into the details of each product being featured.  It's hard to beat a sales platform that allows customers to interact with the products while you are selling them on it!


Customers are able to have live interaction with each other during the event. As questions are 
answered and product discussed- it creates an amazing social environment to talk and build 
social relationships. 

Live Event Chat

Stop being limited by software! 

The entire Vendoti platform is Low Cost to integrate*

*Required qualifications apply for this offer

Find out how Vendoti can work with your company!

We will contact you shortly!

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