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The Social Platform for eCommerce

Now your influencers & distributors can reach their entire audience & sell to them instantly with one click in a live streaming video that is integrated with Facebook.


Share & Reach Your Entire Audience

Share your products, your story to anyone at anytime through any of your favorite platforms and applications on your phone.

Live Video Streaming

Setup live video events with your following. Have them share to their following. Anyone with the link can join your live event. Better yet, your live events can be posted within your Facebook feed . . . (groups, pages, or personal)


Live Video Streaming

Instant Product Purchasing

Allows your viewers to instantly purchase within your live event. Add any products to your carousel and answer questions as your customers instantly buy while in your live streaming video event.


Share Video Link.

Track Every Sale.

Not only can you share your video link out to anyone, but every viewer who purchases is attributed to you. We track every dollar generated per live video event. 

Stop being limited by software! 

The entire Vendoti platform is Low Cost to integrate*

* Required qualifications apply for this offer


Find out how Vendoti can work with your company!

We will contact you shortly!

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