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5 Steps to Have Success in Network Marketing

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Network Marketing and Direct Selling can be a perfect avenue to earn a little extra money while maintaining your desired life balance and flexibility in your schedule. Network Marketing may not be for everyone, but for many people it is a perfect fit. Being successful at network marketing or direct selling is not the easiest thing in the world, but we have found that if you can nail these 5 points then your chances for success will be far greater:

1) Choose the Right Company for YOU

No matter what you are involved in - ensure you are passionate about it. This is extremely important for Network Marketing. The best reps use and love their products. If you genuinely love the product you are selling, then anyone you talk to will feel your enthusiasm and authenticity. By actually using your product, you will gain a better understanding of it and have empathy to your customers needs. This better understanding will allow you to have a real, honest and accurate conversation about your product with a potential customer. If your potential buyers can sense your knowledge, passion, and love for the product you are selling, they will innately trust you and be far more likely to buy!

2) Define Your Market & Where to Best Sell Your Product

No matter how great your product is, you have to have people to sell it to and a place for them to find out about it. You need to identify your Target Market and figure out exactly who they are and how you can reach them. If you can narrow down who your target market truly is, then you won’t waste a bunch of your time trying to market to people who don’t want what you are offering them. Strive to send your message directly to your market - what organizations are they members of? Do they surf certain websites? Are they connected to your own personal network in some way? A more direct and specific approach is where your efforts need to be focused!

Next, you need to decide the best way and place to actually sell your product. To be successful at network marketing (like anything in life) you will have to go out of your comfort zone when you are finding ways to sell. However, make sure to choose a way to sell that you feel you can do well at and that plays to your own personal strengths. A few quick ideas we have seen that work well for people to move product are:

Facebook Parties - These online, live events and parties have become very popular. They allow you to reach a large number of people, in a personal manner and you never have to leave the comfort of your own home. Social selling is getting more and more popular and important in network marketing- so this could be a great way to find and sell to potential customers.

Parties at Your Home - This is the classic, proven effective way to find and sell to potential customers and friends. Network Marketing is a people industry! Make the home party low pressure - have a few games, some good finger food and ultimately make it an enjoyable experience and night out for all involved. Show off your product and leave them with a positive feeling overall towards the experience.

A few other ideas:

Shows - Find shows and events to set up a booth to display your product.

Samples - Take time to share samples with people in a low key, no pressure environment.

Blogs - If you are feeling up to it, start a blog where you can promote your product on.

3) Develop a Simple Business Plan

Creating a simple business plan can really help as you get started and keep you on track as things get rolling. Decide how much time you are truly going to devote to your network marketing business. There is a lot going on in life, so decide where you will allocate your time. From there you can begin to set a short term (1-3 months) and mid-term (6-8 months) sales goal.

A very important part of your business plan is your marketing plan. Poor marketing strategies are a large reason many businesses fail. Outline what benefits your customers receive from your product. Better skin? Gain muscle? Lose weight? Write down what those benefits are and what they actually mean for your customers lives - that is where your story is. Build your story so you can communicate it effectively.

Another piece you will need is marketing and managing tools as a platform for the story. You may need a website and a social media page to promote and sell your product. How will you manage your orders? Your customers? Expenses? Tasks? And Inventory? This seems like a lot, but there are tools (like ours) that are there to take care of all of these things for you. It will effortlessly manage all of those parts of your business so you can worry about actually selling product and spending less time just trying to manage everything.

Define the business plan and tools you want to use - then start executing!

4) Share Your Excitement But Do Not Become Spammy

Create a business Facebook Page to promote your product through. You can create specific groups of people who are interested in your product as well. This way all of your friends won’t be completely annoyed and feel like you are always trying to sell them something. Value your friendships! If your friend is not interested in your product, don’t push them. Your business will grow from people outside your close friend group. So be excited! Let people know what you are selling and why you are excited about it - but don’t be too spammy or pushy.

5) Make A Commitment Not To Quit

Network Marketing will take time and effort to find success, just like any business venture. Success doesn’t just come out of nowhere, you have to work for it and create your own success. You can absolutely accomplish your goals - as long as you stay focused and disciplined to see it through.

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