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How to Grow & Sustain Your Network Marketing Business

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Always remember the “Law of 250”. Every person has close to 250 people in their lives.

So what does that mean for your business? EVERYTHING. It means that one of your greatest tools to increase your sales and sustain your business is those people you already know - your current customer base. Whether your customer base is extremely small or whether it’s massive - it matters the same. Each one of your customers has hundreds of people in their lives that could be your next sale. Be sure to treat them right, follow the old adage - "the customer is always right." Even when some customers are inevitably challenging. You may not want to speak to them personally at that moment, but you for sure want to still speak to their friends . Your current customers provide a lifetime value to your business, both in their own transactions and in their referrals.

The Law of 250

Every satisfied customer has many people in their lives that they can refer to you. How to get referrals consistently from your customers is its own article for another day. But ultimately, don’t over think it. The best way to get a referral from your customers is to simply ask them to tell their friends! Give them a sample, promo code or something for them to give away and then ask them to pass it along to everyone they know.

Your current customers are your “golden highway” to increasing and sustaining your business. Build their trust, be nice to them, find ways to surprise them and make them feel valued. Any effort put forth to keep your customers feeling satisfied and loved is well worth your time.

When you are looking for ways to grow and sustain your business- Always remember the Law of 250.

For more on Joe Girard's Law of 250, check out this Forbes article here:

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