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Social Followings
Built Through
Personal Interactions

The world has gone digital, but customers 
still want personalized interactions.  Vendoti provides sellers a personalized platform
with the tools they need to create lasting relationships with a social following.  

Push Notifications

There is not a better way to get a hold of someone then pinging their phone.  Instantly reach customers with updates on live events, new product and other important news. 

Live Chat Feature

Vendoti allows sellers to personally interact with customers in real time.  They can answer questions, discuss the details of a product or simply
chat about how their family is doing.  Nurturing true relationships with their following. 

Facebook Integration

Easily reach and maintain sellers current social followings. 
Sellers have the ability to pipe Live Video Events directly into
their Facebook in real time.  This provides the opportunity to
drive their current social following to download the Vendoti
app.  Once customers are on the Vendoti app (white labeled
your company) they have a far better experience while the
seller can stay more connected and move more product.

Find out how Vendoti can work with your company!

We will contact you shortly!

Stop being limited by software! 

The entire Vendoti platform is Low Cost to integrate*

*Required qualifications apply for this offer

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